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Friday September 30, 2016, 5 TO 10  pm

The Canadian Canoe Museum, 910 Monaghan Rd, Peterborough

Tom Cookson

SPARK Exhibitor 2016

Tom Cookson:
I am personally attracted to photography that has a sense of immediacy, a sense of realism to a heightened degree and the use of vibrant and saturated colors. My learning curve as a photographer was to find out how to achieve this while maintaining a high standard of technical competency in terms of composition and other technical elements like contrast, sharpness, etc. Photography to me is art really, greatly akin to painting. I enjoy the shift in my mental processes when I’m out photographing. It is like a meditation, a shift to the unconscious mind and seeing the world around me in an altered way. I also enjoy the post-processing work of maximizing the inherent qualities in each image in terms of light, shadow, color and composition. The new digital tools available literally allow me to almost paint a photograph.

Linda Patterson - Amanda

Linda Patterson: I have been a visual artist all my life, but have recently moved into mixed media, non-objective art and fine art dollmaking. My small still life pieces are exhibited at Cavan Arts. I have been exploring and learning about making fine art figures since first seeing the work of Anna Brahms. Her work is accomplished, vivid and magical and I aspire to create work that moves people the same way her work does. Every doll I create teaches me something about the craft and my own capabilities. After a lifetime in art, I have finally found my bliss.

Pax Jewellry

About Pax Jewellery: Inspired by the peace and wonder experienced by the simplest aspects of nature, “pax” pieces are made from precious and semi precious gems, Herkimer diamonds, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, bronze, brass, gold, rose gold, concrete, barn board, … and even sticks and stones. Pax means “peace” in Latin, and Annie Parker strives to create elemental jewellery that reflects the serene and elegant flora and fauna she is grateful to be surrounded by.

Rita White

Rita White, an emerging mixed-media artist, uses art glass as well as recycled and natural materials in unexpected and captivating ways. "I am spellbound by the artistry of nature. The countryside, trees, a rocky shoreline, the contrast between the darkening horizon and a blazing sunset. For me, it's all about colour and texture. Glass offers endless opportunities to create palettes of light, color, and texture. Creating palettes out of glass and natural materials gives me more pleasure than anything else in the creative process." Self-taught, Rita has worked with many different mediums including textiles, ceramics, pottery and photography. She has exhibited her work in galleries and art festivals throughout Ontario. Available and Previously Acquired work can be seen at

Frank DiDomizio

Frank DiDomizio: My studio and lathe serve as a creative place where wood is chosen as a subject for exploration and continuous discovery. My artwork includes a variety of turned shapes, ranging from elegant bowls and organic burl shapes through to platters and unique artistic pieces. I primarily work with local wood that is often wet and recently cut. This wood will be roughly shaped and then allowed to dry. When the wood is dry it is then ready for the final turning, sanding, embellishing and finishing process. My preference is a mix of traditional and contemporary shapes, often highlighted with colour or texture to produce eye catching pieces, each with their own personality. My website is

Robert Boudreau

SPARK Exhibitor 2016


Robert Boudreau: I am interested in the transformative power of the photograph and count Robert Frank, Larry Towell, and Duane Michaels as photographers whom I look up to and am inspired by. In 2017, I will be turning my attention to the photographs of Newcomer Syrian children, who have been given cameras, received basic instruction in camera use, composition, and visual literacy, and who will document what is important to them over the next four months. Their work will be exhibited in print as part of SPARK 2017, a community exhibit in partnership with and the assistance of the New Canadians Centre.

Samantha Moss, Glass Ceiling

MossWorks Photography: MossWorks Photography is a brand new business by freelance photographer Samantha Moss (me!). I believe every photo has a narrative and it is my job to help tell that story. I have been called a “free-range” photographer (meaning I like to take photos of pretty much everything), but I have taken special interest in highlighting local gems – from businesses, to events, local talent and fashion. The work I will be exhibiting is a compilation of these works into multiple exposure pieces.

Unique Wood Creations

Ken Logan, of Unique Wood Creations, works with both native and exotic woods and tries to expose the inner beauty of each piece he creates. "The shape and form of my work is dictated as much by the materials I am working with as by my imagination.“ visit me on Facebook ”Unique Wood Creations”

Corin Ford Forrester
Fragmented II

Corin Ford Forrester Inspired by the beauty of and concern for our planet, Corin’s new series of digitally blended photographs, titled Fragmented, explores the juxtaposition of urban sprawl, development and resource extraction with the natural environment. The patterns and interactions in these composites evoke disintegration and collapse, resiliency and regeneration. Fragmented II asks us to reflect on our carbon-intensive car culture, climate change and the effects on agriculture. Why do we continue to defile the world that sustains us? Website

Nancy Newman

Nancy Newman For me, it's all about the textiles and how they are made. I am fascinated with the design and processes involved in creating fabric, whether it's woven by hand on a small loom, dipped in a dye bucket, or printed from an original design. There are so many steps and so many hands involved in the making of even the simplest pieces. Artisans the world over, in Africa, Thailand, India, Turkey, who every day, create beautiful fabrics, laden with cultural meaning and symbolism. I take these world textiles, some considered past their prime, and repurpose them into purses and bags, breathing new life into them, each with their own character and patina, each one unique, and in doing so, pay homage to the rich legacies they represent. Website:

David Hickey

David Hickey Over the past ten years I have created a portfolio of work that capture and honour the iconic features of our Canadian landscape. In both my paintings and metal work my inspiration comes from the region in which I live.The many lakes and forests of the Kawartha's provide ample inspiration for my artwork.Through the use of texture and colour I strive to capture the essence of a subject without inhibiting the viewers experience and vision. The term I use is Abstract Realism.

Gary Mulcahey
Black Pond

SPARK Exhibitor 2016

Gary Mulcahey I will be showing and selling small images matted and ready for framing. The images will be photos from my personal library spanning a few decades.


I am a Canadian born photographer living in rural Eastern Ontario. My specialty is photographing people. Recently I have been honing my skills in documentary photography. A life long desire to shoot documentary images was put aside to be a commercial photographer in Toronto for many years. At the moment I am working out of my studio/gallery in Warkworth Ontario.

Christy Haldane
"The Kawartha Series" -
repurposed window glass, rock & stainless steel - 30 x 12 x 4 inches

Christy Haldane is a local glass artist. She combines repurposed window glass with other common building materials, such as stone, concrete and steel to create one of a kind sculptures. The sculptures consider humanity’s effect on the environment and the precarious balance in which the natural and artificial environments exist. Email

Maria Vanderform
Coasters & Candles

Maria Vanderform I consider myself mainly a paper crafter i.e. I create almost anything out of paper. I have crossed over to the world of alcohol inks, clay tiles and candles. My paper work consists of all occasion and specialty greeting cards, singly or in boxed sets. Sometimes I will make paper purses or baskets to put the cards in. These 3D items are decorated with hand made items, usually flowers, and other embellishments. Making 3D items is probably what I like to do best i.e. tray inserts, curvy box pumpkins and other critters, flowers, Christmas trees using a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll as the base, frig magnets, purses, baskets, and paper shoes (witch, princess, and baby). Journals, phone books, note books, post it notes, and mini legal pads are transformed into gorgeous. At Christmas time I also make paper ornaments.


Drawing Detail Maija Ksander

Maija Jaye Ksander A native of Peterborough Ontario, I was born into a very creative family and art has been a passion of mine since I was old enough to hold crayons. The images I create are stylized and highly detailed, often drawn in black and white, though I love to infuse colour (either with pastels, pencil crayon or fine art markers) whenever the mood strikes. I like to play with the contrast between lines, shapes and negative space. A constant thread running through my art, whether it be photography, illustration, painting or mixed media stems from an organic place, my love of nature and the outdoors.

Susan Rankin

Susan Rankin lives and works from her home in Apsley Ontario. Susan graduated from Sheridan College in 1989. She received a three year artist in residency at the Harbourfront Centre glass studio, in Toronto from 1989 – 91. In her 29 year career as a glass artist Susan has drawn her inspiration from the landscape in which she lives. As an avid gardener she continues to explore the Idea of garden through her vessel and sculptural works and is well know for her vibrant floral vessels. Susan examines how glass has been used historically and transitions form and style with a contemporary feel.

Linda Cardona

SPARK Exhibitor 2016

Linda Cardona – Flower Photographer I am up early most mornings knowing that the flowers in our garden are opening and the sun is highlighting their beauty. We conservatively have over 100 different flowers in our garden. As a photographer, our garden provides inspiration, opportunity, challenge and always, a learning experience. I will have a variety of my favourite flower photos framed and on display. All my photos are available in various sizes – framed and unframed.

East City Studios

East City Studios specializes in hand crafted musical instruments, hand bound books, original artwork and film photography. Each item is unique. We use vintage, antique and unusual woods, and hand made papers. Custom orders will be considered. East City Studios contact David Bigg 705-876-8536 or

Janet Bisset

Janet Bisset I do custom relief carving on eggs, gourds and wood. I have been working with hard shell gourds for 10 years. Through my artistic journey I have nurtured my love of carving and found a wide range of new mediums to explore. I enjoy custom orders, the possibilities are endless. Request a free quote, fee is based on the complexity of the pattern and the size of the request. Making and preserving memories are priceless. 705-761-3584

Shining Waters Soap Co.

Shining Waters Soap Company It is Black & White: what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN it! I subscribe to a simple principle creating natural, earth-friendly products with your’s and the environment’s health in mind, this is in how I craft my products. Nothing artificial, everything beneficial, made to nourish your skin and leave you feeling your best. Pure, natural, vegan; without harmful preservatives, made in small quantities to ensure quality. I love creating these products and believe you will love them too. "If we could live happy, healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn't we?" - Pam Ahern, Linda J.Howes, Soapmaker, Fenelon Falls, ON. 705-308-3598

Brenda Little - Potted Geraniums

Brenda Little My paintings are evoked from the beauty of simple things. Details of old stonework and windows with flowers appeal to me, gathered mainly from my travels. Painting gives me great serenity.

Gold & Silver Band Ring

Sandy MacFarlane Jewellery 140 Douro 2nd Line Douro, ON K0L 2B0 Tel: 705-652-9988

Wagon by Dwayne James

Dwayne James, Watercolours by Dwayne
Dwayne’s highly-detailed watercolour paintings have been described as “unconventional” yet “absolutely authentic.” A self-taught painter, Dwayne is fascinated by both texture and dimension, and channels nature to create personalised images that are not easily captured with conventional photography. Dwayne seizes a moment in his paintings that shifts every time you view them. You may have seen watercolours before but, chances are, you have never seen watercolours like Dwayne’s.

Suzanne Woods Pottery

Suzanne Woods Pottery

John Keith Sculpture

John Keith Sculpture

Kawartha Camera Club

SPARK Exhibitors 2016

Kawartha Camera Club
The Kawartha Camera Club was formed in 2012 to bring together photographers, new and experienced, and provide a venue to learn basic and advanced skills required to create more compelling photographs. We are a very active group of people who enjoy learning from each other in a hands-on approach in a fun and social atmosphere.

Maggi Ksander

Maggi Ksander As a very young child, I vividly remember scooping out handfuls of clay deposits from the banks of Little Lake in Colborne, Ontario where my family had a cottage. I could sit on the dock for hours making a variety of shapes and figurines, letting them dry in the sun and then painting them. In the early 90's, I took my first pottery class where my passion was truly ignited. I love the feel of clay in my hands and making pottery has become a very meditative and spiritual process for me. A lot of inspirations come from my many travels around the world. By living and experiencing different cultures, I came to appreciate the details of traditional fine porcelain work, as well as the simplistic nature of primitive shapes, forms, colours and textures. I enjoy creating one of a kind pottery, either functional or non-functional, by intricately carving and creatively glazing, leaving each piece unique in character. Even the imperfections, I find, can enhance the look or feel of a particular piece. I try to infuse a range of emotions in my work by embodying the ancient voices of my Ojibwa ancestors.

Annie Thompson

Annie Thompson Annie started her illustrious design career in Peterborough in 1978. Annie Thompson is a fashion designer and maker with a fine arts background. She is a strident supporter of the arts, green living and the environment. Annie’s inspirations come from the world around her, the people and culture she experiences and her deep commitment to ethical ideals. She is a passionate traveller and as a student of the world, has an uncanny ability to translate her visions and experiences into unusually beautiful, creative and functional design. Thompson’s creative process begins with conceptualizing an end product that will bring intrigue, joy, quality and a beautiful and useful utility to each piece in a collection.

After Van Gogh

SPARK Exhibitor 2016

Christopher Thorpe My studio and residence is near the Arts Designated village of Warkworth in Northumberland County, Ontario. I am a mixed media landscape artist with a distinguished career in the broad field of design with an arts education from NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art & Design). My artwork in the past has been both two and three dimensional, and is in collections across Canada. Currently my work focuses on presenting stunning photographic landscapes that more closely match the way we see them with our eyes. Perhaps mischievously, I enjoy embellishing these undulating scenes with soaring, hand painted crows….the Pranksters in our Landscape.

Anna-Marie Lewis

Anna-Marie Lewis Anna-Marie Lewis is an emerging self-taught glass artist making her debut at SPARK After Dark. She enjoys creating unique glass projects such as stepping stones, memory stones, garden stakes, sun catchers, house number signs, cabinets and traditional window pieces. She loves to incorporate unique variables such as geodes, gemstones, silverwear, repurposed windows and custom made wood frames. Email:

Fawn River
James Wilkes

James Wilkes James Wilkes is an environmental photographer who travels extensively photographing the natural and cultural worlds across Asia and the Americas. Behind the lens, James sees ecological and cultural diversity as inextricably linked, and he uses photography to raise consciousness and deepen appreciation for Life.